Raustech is an Australian research company based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Raustech Pty Ltd was founded in 1997 by Peter Hastwell is a late stage pre-seed company. Raustech has developed and filed patents on a platform technology. Platform because of its potential use in a number of diverse industries. Raustech's technology is ...the synthesis or placement of materials at predetermined locations with micron / nanometer dimensions and precision.

Numerous high value market opportunities demand the placement of materials for their manufacture and operation. Potential applications for the Raustech technology include DNA GeneDisc, Transdermal Drug Delivery (TDD), nanotechnology, large flat-screen TV displays, flexible printed circuits, semiconductor chips, and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS).

Current R&D

GeneDisc used for personalised medicine, the genetic DNA analysis for medical diagnostics and drug prescription. GeneDisc technology: site specific synthesis of oligo DNA on nano sized spiral features of Blu-ray optical disc. Result: cost reduction of around X25.

4 US patents granted

  • Charged emulsions for site-specific deposition of matter at micro & nano scale. (Consumable) US8013023.
  • Micro / nano scale fabrication and manufacture by spatially selective deposition. (Hardware) US8431344
  • Substrates for spatially selective micron / nanometer scale deposition and combinatorial modification and fabrication. (Consumable) US8609178
  • Optical Disc Substrate for Combinatorial Chemistry. (Consumable) US8551403


  • Won Australian Government Grant in the first round competitive Biotechnology Innovation Fund (BIF), and South Australia's Bio Innovation S.A. (BISA)
  • Won a national competition, Silicon Valley High Technology Tour - top 10 “best of the best” of emerging Australian technologies,
  • Raustech won a Comet Grant (Commercialisation of Emerging Technology): funding for Market Report, Business Plan and patent attorneys for patent audit.).


Man in suit smiling PETER HASTWELL (CEO) has been successful in the following areas
  • Electrophotographic (xerography) liquid toners for colour copying of photographs. Demonstrated first colour copier in Wall Street New York 1970. Other xerographic R&D work was a plain paper copier that became the biggest selling copier in the late 80's. Manufactured by Ricoh sold in US by Savin Business Machines of NY and Nashua in Australia.
  • Early R&D work on printer for the Fax machine which was to be used by defense forces in the field.
  • Xeroradiography (electrophotographic X-Rays) and high resolution aerial electrophotography.
  • Undertook R&D into nonmetal engineering plastic solar collector panels (International patents granted). Products included Solar Swimming Pool Panels and a Solar Classroom Panel for teaching an energy course at high schools - sold internationally.
  • solar cooling system and a high efficiency composite plastic solar still with an output of 9 litres per square metre per day.
  • Composite plastics for underground mining drills and eventually composite plastic bolts for strata control in coal mines.
  • Filament wound high pressure vessels for compressed natural gas.
  • Undertook extensive forensic work for the Splatt Royal Commission.