Current R&D - GeneDisc used for personalised medicine, the genetic DNA analysis for medical diagnostics and drug prescription. GeneDisc technology: site specific synthesis of oligo DNA on nano sized spiral features of Blu-ray optical disc. Result: cost reduction of around X25.

Raustech’s GeneDisc (A single use consumable)

The oligo DNA features are synthesised on the spiral features of the Blu-ray GeneDisc.

Personalised Medicine: Use of Genetics for disease diagnosis and treatment. The technology that uses an individual's genetic analysis for medical diagnostic decisions for the prevention and treatment of disease and exact prescription of drugs. Personalised medicine will revolutionise medical diagnostics and the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Dust Proof Sealed Cassette Dimensions of proposed GeneDisc Diameter GeneDisc 4cm – 8cm Disc Probe area ~ 2 cm2 – 4 cm2 Number of oligo DNA probes
  • The Blu Ray laser optical system with a spiral bit size feature of 150X140 nanometres on the GeneDisc exposes the photoconductor. Oligo DNA is synthesised on the bit features of a Blu-ray disc one nucleotide per cycle. The chemicals for the synthesis of the oligo DNA are supplied by standard DNA synthesis equipment.


With the cost being the major barrier to the universal application of genetic DNA analysis for medical diagnostics. Equipment and consumables costs must drop substantially for the technology to become the standard diagnostic. Raustech achieves this by combining Blu-ray nano scale reading / writing disc technology with a high resolution photoconductor and an electrically charged nano emulsion chemical toner.

GeneDisc (Think oligo DNA on a Blu Ray Disc) The GeneDisc system is a technically superior and cost effective replacement for current 3rd generation genomics competitors. The manufacturing cost reductions result from the combination of three technologies.

  • Site specific synthesis of oligo DNA on the spiral features on the Blu-Ray optical disc surface.
  • Use of established (Blu Ray) high resolution nanometre optical reading and writing technology. The Blu-ray mass produced laser has nano precision optical technology at a very low cost.
  • Raustech’s platform 3rd generation electrophotography – The site specific deposition of an electrically charged discontinuous phase nano emulsion toner containing the activation acid onto an electrically charged photoconductor surface on a Blu-Ray disc.

Electrophotography is the deposition of materials on a surface by alteration of the electrical properties of a light sensitive material (photoconductor). Think nano-scale copier. By reducing array feature size, more gene probes can be placed onto a given area, increasing the genetic range of each individual array.

GeneDisc total number 3 X 109 oligo DNA probes (3 gigs) on an area of 1.3 square cm.


This will enable genetic diagnosis and drug prescription in a health center laboratory, or in the doctor’s surgery and eventually in the home. Cost reductions of “GeneDisc” writers will enable researchers to write their own GeneDiscs in the laboratory. It is important to note that the GeneDisc is a single use consumable. A major GeneDisc advantage is the reading speed will be minute’s c.f. 3 days for Illumina.

Currently Illumnina HiSeq X Ten Sequencing System shipped in Q1 2014 Will sequence human Genome for $1,000.and Illumina human genome run takes 3 days.

Illumina machines: US$1,000,000 each (but must buy 10 machines at total spend US$10,000,000).
Illumina Costs per Genome: US$800 reagents
US$135 p.a. equipment depreciation
US$65 per genome for staff
US$10 to US$24 data storage per genome / week. cost not included in press release.

Genedisc technology will give a massive cost reduction for hardware & consumables.

Raustech Patented GeneDisc Raustech Direct Cost Raustech GeneDisc Reader & Consumables Price Illumina HiSeq X Ten Machine & Consumables
GeneDisc Reader US$5,000 US$15,000 US$1,000,000
Blank Blu-ray Disc & Cover US$1:10 US$5.50
Written GeneDisc & Cover Consumable US$55.00
Charged Emulsion Toner Consumable US$50.00
Genomic Data Storage GeneDisc data storage on disc Cloud Storage Data  $10 to $24 per genome per week
Consumable US$105 Consumables US$800 Consumable

Cost estimates based on Direct Costs no profit, amortisation of R&D, distribution and sales costs.