Peter Hastwell - Patents

Patent Title
US8609178 Substrates for spatially selective micron / nanometer scale deposition and combinatorial  modification and fabrication. US8609178
US8551403 Disc substrates for combinatorial chemistry
US8431344 Micro and nano scale fabrication and manufacture by spatially selective deposition
US8013023 Charged emulsions for site-specific deposition of matter at micro and nano scale
US05721047 Polymeric moldings reinforced with tows of fibers - composite strata bolts
US05152945 High strength fiber reinforced polymeric fasteners having threads, for example a nut and bolt
US04382468 Flat plate heat exchanger modules
US04271818 Solar heater roof panel construction
US04195488 Cooling system
US04062351 Thermal panel for heating liquids
US03949703 Self cleaning developer applicator
US03939085 Process for forming a liquid developer organisol
US03910789 Color correction process
US03851964 Contact transfer electrostatic copying apparatus
US03850829 Developing liquid for electrostatic images
US03839032 Method of contact transfer of developed electrostatic images
US03836245 Copy machine having photoconductive belt
US03819942 Regulated power supply for corona charging unit
US03789794 Apparatus for developing electrostatic images
US03776632 Cleaning mechanism for photoconductive surfaces
US03770972 Corona charger configuration
US03757081 Apparatus for heating copy paper for electrostatic copiers
US03749050 Cleaning system for wetting tank rollers
US03741643 Pneumatic assembly for removing excess developer liquid from photoconductive surfaces
US03709594 Method and apparatus for electrostatic color printing
US03620722 Sensitized developers for electrophotography and electroradiography